Hamilton’s America

I am obsessed with Hamilton. Two of the things I love most are history and music with intelligent lyrics, so Hamilton has blown into my life and given me the best of both worlds. Here’s a fantastic documentary by PBS that covers both the historical Hamilton and Lin Manuel Miranda’s process of transferring the history to rap. It’s as engaging as the show itself, but thanks to PBS’s free streaming, far easier to get “tickets” to!

The feature film documentary Hamilton’s America brings history to vivid life through the contemporary perspective of Lin-Manuel Miranda’s revolutionary hip-hop musical, Hamilton. The story of Alexander Hamilton is most remembered for its dramatic conclusion, in which Hamilton was killed in a duel by Vice President Aaron Burr. But his immeasurable contributions to modern society have largely been forgotten by today’s general public.  Just in time for election year, Hamilton’s America will provide a primetime audience with intimate access to Miranda and his colleagues during the two years leading up to the Broadway opening of the smash hit musical “Hamilton.”

Source: Hamilton’s America | Great Performances | PBS

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