The New Yorker Endorses Hillary Clinton

The New Yorker sums up in one paragraph why I believe Hillary Clinton is the right choice for America’s future. It’s been hard to be openly supportive of Hillary; propaganda from both left and right make a centrist look unappealing. But she’s “a liberal incrementalist”. She will be able to work with both sides to inch America forward where it has been relatively stagnant after the Congressional stonewalling of Obama.

Hillary Clinton’s vision and temperament are the opposite of her opponent’s. She has been a pioneer throughout her life, and yet her career cannot be easily reduced to one transcendent myth: she has been an idealist and a liberal incrementalist, a glass-ceiling-smashing lawyer and a cautious establishmentarian, a wife and mother, a First Lady, a rough-and-tumble political operator, a senator, a Secretary of State. Her story is about walking through flames and emerging changed, warier and more determined. In her intelligence, in her gimlet-eyed recognition of both the limits and the possibilities of government, she’s a particular kind of inspirational figure, a pragmatist and a Democratic moderate. We wish that Clinton faced a worthy opponent: she deserves a less sullied, more substantive win. But her claim to our support goes far beyond the nihilism of the alternative. I

Source: The New Yorker Endorses Hillary Clinton

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