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Russian Wall-E Case Mod (110 pics) Dude can create an exact replica of WALL-E by hand, and yet can’t be bothered to fit him with a chip that instills personality? (Or even the guts of a Macintosh?) For shaaaaaame…

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Tech Tips for the Basic Computer User – Technology writer David Pogue is a gift to the For Dummies segment of the population. With his clear and concise (and often funny) style, he’s taught thousands of people – including my mother – the basics of how to use their computers. Here, he provides a list of simple tips on usability and shortcutting […]

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Apple (United Kingdom) – Why You’ll Love a Mac – A Mac is the ultimate upgrade. The Peep Show guys take over for the American Mac and PC actors. I’m not sure how I feel about this; the American Mac guy was skanky, but not entirely untrustworthy. I’ve learned, after 3 seasons, that Jez is a brainless twerp who doesn’t produce much of value. This is not how I view […]

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