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Jerry needs no help playing with his ball. The dog equivalent of Sisyphus. Luckily for the dog, not only does he not notice, he seems to be quite enjoying himself. (Aside: It’s been a while since I ranted about SU Video – mainly because I avoid it at every opportunity – but this reminds me of why it’s so incredibly pointless. It […]

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(Untitled) I was out at the farm yesterday, and I swear the dog in the picture was there. The fun part was watching two tweens dissolve into panicked tears at the sight of the dog, who was leaning most of his significant weight against me, clearly hoping it’d lead to more headpats and backscratches. An […]

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&Wombats and Such&: Calvin and Grace Coolidge and Their Pets I’ve stumbled upon this delightful article before, yet the record shows that I haven’t Stumbled Upon it, so I now rectify the situation. The quote’s a bit long, but it’s worth a read. And the article itself is fantastic. For the record, I have no opinion of Calvin Coolidge, the President, but I’m a […]

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(Untitled);s=4;p=/news/;dm=ss;w=400 Made even funnier by the fact that pugs are wheezy breathers.

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Puppies Behind Bars: Puppies Behind Bars trains inmates to raise puppies to become service dogs for the disabled and explosive detection canines for law enforcement. I first heard about programs like this in conjunction with street kids, who have a hard time bonding to people but love animals. Anything that helps people to cope, I’m all for.

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modern pooch : your daily doggy fix Great for jealous boyfriends with stalker tendencies! Also for fathers whose repression inspires their daughters to rebel!

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