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So, Guy Walks Up to the Bar, and Scalia Says… – New York Times I don’t get a huge kick out of hearing stories about pointless research, unless they’re done with as much dry wit as this one. Trust the Times! [laughter] 😉 Justice Antonin Scalia’s wit is widely admired, and now it has been quantified. He is, a new study concludes, 19 times as funny as Justice […]

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Declaration of Arbroath – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia My dad got me all misty reciting part of the Declaration of Arbroath. These days, it’s only purpose is for sentimental (and righteous anger) Scottish nationalist feel-good-ism (and another excuse not to talk about the Act of Union sell-out), but it can still stir the blood: …for, as long as but a hundred of […]

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Hate Map | Southern Poverty Law Center Who’dve thought that the Dakotas would be an island of sanity surrounded by a sea of crackpots?

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