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Tea Party : Pictures, Videos, Breaking News The Tea Party “movement” (which I’d never heard of prior to today, and probably won’t hear about again until next year) seems to be confused as to whether fascism or socialism is “permeating” America. Their lack of clarity probably also extends to understanding what taxes actually pay for, such as the majority of US […]

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(Untitled) I was going to let Joe the Plumber fall quietly off my radar, but he keeps sending out blips and making the most of his 15 minutes, so fair game! The initial story caught my attention as another example of the weird twist in the American psyche as compared to that of my fellow […]

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How Long Do I Need to Keep This? – A Guide to Receipts, Statements and Financial Clutter at Home – Organizing I’m trying to break out of my pack-rat tendency, and found this site tremendously helpful. I’d been holding onto years’ worth of bank statements and other useless papers, which pile up shockingly fast. Now, I get both the refreshing feel of a trimmed-down filing cabinet, and the destruction glee of feeding the excess to […]

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(Untitled);_ylt=Am9EER_1rVI0sUG.t34ZDu4E1vAI The rate with which Republican poster children are being smoten this year is almost enough to make me believe there is a God, and he was quite serious about that meek inheritance thing. Today, the world is a better place; crass, mean, miserly Leona Helmsley has learned that she can’t take it with her. […]

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Wal-Mart’s Costs to Taxpayers The flipside to the Costco coin I stumbled the other week. How do chains like WalMart benefit anybody, in the long run?

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