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http://ia310320.eu.archive.org/0/items/Sita04_BattleofLanka/Sita04_BattleofLanka_sorensen.mov I love everything about Nina Paley’s take on the Ramayana, which she has re-envisioned from the view of Rama’s long-suffering wife, Sita, whom Paley feels was given short shrift. She’s matched each episode to an Annette Hanshaw song, which gets my first thumbs-up, and subsequent thumbs go to the character design, animation, and wit […]

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Sita Sings the Blues

http://www.ninapaley.com/Sitayana/ Once again I find myself constrained by SU’s lack of “I LOVE IT!” button… A mention of Hanuman on Saline‘s blog made me want to revisit Nina Paley’s delightful Sita Sings the Blues project. After a stay in India and a breakup with her husband, she began a modern retelling of the Rama legend, […]

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Everyone Else Has Had More Sex Than Me | Flash Videos

http://www.albinoblacksheep.com/flash/bunny.php The song is pretty blah, but I love the animation.

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Pixar Animation Studios

http://www.pixar.com/ I LOVE LOVE LOVE Pixar. And don’t get me started on their workspaces – for one who’s unhappy in her job, the Emeryville offices look like heaven on earth.

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http://www.trevorvanmeter.com/flyguy/ Captivating. I got to rock out in the stratosphere with a space alien!

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