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Heres What The Wall Street Protesters Are So Angry About…

http://www.businessinsider.com/what-wall-street-protesters-are-so-angry-about-2011-10?op=1 *Grabs protest sign, heads for Wall Street*

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Rolling Stone Expose Declares Goldman Sachs Behind Every Market Crash Since 1920s | Economy | AlterNet

http://www.alternet.org/workplace/141088/rolling_stone_expose_declares_goldman_sachs_behind_every_market_crash_since_1920s/ Goldman Sachs has played a crucial role in creating every market bubble since the 1920s — and has profited from not only the bubbles, but from the crash that followed as well, says a new expose in Rolling Stone magazine. I have a handful of stocks outside my major holding, but after observing what […]

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AIG Exec Whines About Public Anger, and Now Were Supposed to Pity Him? Yeah, Right | Media | AlterNet

http://www.alternet.org/mediaculture/133627/aig_exec_whines_about_public_anger,_and_now_we%27re_supposed_to_pity_him_yeah,_right/ The “Dear AIG, I Quit” letter from last week’s NYTimes was a popular item; I saw it posted on SU and it was one of the Times’ most emailed stories. I read the first page, but couldn’t bring myself to finish it – the ex-AIG worker whined about how tough times had gotten for […]

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Chrysler, CAW opt for brinkmanship – thestar.com

http://www.thestar.com/Business/article/609747 The big news today is about the head of GM being decapitated, so this Canadian news report is both late and apparently less important. The Canadian Auto Workers have been niggling with Chrysler while deadlines on government bailout loans tick away. Without the loans, Chrysler is threatening to shut down all Canadian operations. The […]

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http://www.nationalpost.com/most-popular/story.html?id=1416355 A defense of Ann Coulter by Canada’s biggest jailed slimeball felon, Conrad Black. Amongst other features, he insists she has a “delightful personality”. Comments worthy of another jail sentence.

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http://www.torontosun.com/news/world/2009/03/20/8817816-sun.html You can have any Ford balance sheet you want, as long as it’s red. The U.S. Treasury department, trying to stabilize the battered auto industry, said yesterday it will provide up to $5 billion US in financing to troubled auto parts suppliers who are linked to Detroit’s carmakers.

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CBC News: Reports from abroad: Neil Macdonald

http://www.cbc.ca/news/reportsfromabroad/macdonald/20080325.html More Neil MacDonald – expect a lot of this, as I’ve been trolling through his archive at the CBC. Here, he garnishes a credit crisis report with this fabulous quote: Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson, says Morici, is “running around telling small people they have to pay their mortgages, or pay as much as possible, […]

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http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20090131/ap_on_bi_ge/banks_bonuses_5 The banking industry’s sense of entitlement makes my head explode. For proof of how wrapped up in their own little orbits they are, read the following: While Wall Street investment banks and other financial firms make headlines for the millions paid out to certain executives, more modest bonuses go to workers from human resources […]

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http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20090131/ap_en_ot/people_springsteen_5 In an interview with The New York Times, Bruce Springsteen says he shouldn’t have made a deal with Wal-Mart. This month, the store started exclusively selling a Springsteen greatest-hits CD. Some fans were critical because Springsteen has been a longtime supporter of worker’s rights, and Wal-Mart has faced criticism for its labor practices. Springsteen’s […]

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If Advertisements Were Truthful – Holytaco

http://www.holytaco.com/2008/10/15/if-advertisements-were-truthful/ Remixed ads. Some, like this AIG spoof, are pure brilliance.

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