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Rice Cookery

Cooking meals start to finish in a rice cooker.  Because I am exceptionally lazy, and because they turn out pretty good. Turkey Barley Goulash Casserole Rice Cooker Recipe – Food.com – 187781.

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Assistance Dog Tasks

http://www.iaadp.org/tasks.html A small section of the tasks “assistance dogs” can perform. Most of these are things I can’t or won’t do myself. Man, if it could take itself out for walks and clean up after itself (and the cat, too), I would so get one. RETRIEVE BASED TASKS * Bring portable phone to any room […]

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http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20070311/ap_en_mo/people_jolie;_ylt=AnAY5CHDwqzngE0GVVeA6qW2GL8C There’s been a lot of talk in recent years about the text-message generation. These are kids whose teachers have given them dispensation to write notes – and sometimes even essays – in TXT shorthand. I find this abhorrent, but I suppose I should brace myself for the surge of gobbledygook that will soon overwhelm […]

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http://www.trampe.no/english/photogallery.php I saw one of these bicycle “lifts” in Bergen, Norway – a town built on a very steep fjord. Ingenuity is another reason to love the Norwegians, though I would’ve loved them a whole lot more if there was a lift for exhausted, out-of-shape backpackers as well.

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Timothy McSweeneys Internet Tendency: Lists

http://www.mcsweeneys.net/links/lists/ Because I am a lazy, lazy person who wishes to appear smarter than she is, I can say I read McSweeney’s. The truth, though, is that I usually only bother with the Lists. Not all are fantastic, but most are elegant little slices of wit of the “I wish I’d come up with that” […]

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