Assistance Dog Tasks

A small section of the tasks “assistance dogs” can perform. Most of these are things I can’t or won’t do myself. Man, if it could take itself out for walks and clean up after itself (and the cat, too), I would so get one.


* Bring portable phone to any room in house
* Bring in groceries – up to ten canvas bags
* Unload suitable grocery items from canvas sacks
* Fetch a beverage from a refrigerator or cupboard
* Fetch food bowl(s)
* Pick up dropped items like coins, keys etc., in any location
* Bring clothes, shoes, or slippers laid out to assist with dressing
* Unload towels, other items from dryer
* Retrieve purse from hall, desk, dresser or back of van
* Assist to tidy house or yard – pickup, carry, deposit designated items

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