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Liberals Are So Intolerant! / The Right loves to sling this smug accusation at critics from the Left. Mark Morford has a reply

http://sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?f=/gate/archive/2005/08/10/notes081005.DTL&nl=fix This guy sums up my own indignation since the presidential installation of 2000: I am most intolerant of, well, of those who allow such intolerance. Of those who would, based on their narrow views of sex, God, love, hope, war, the mind, the Earth, soil and animals and air and water and fire and […]

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Order of the Liberation

http://www.ordredelaliberation.fr/us_doc/musee.html Another fantastic Paris museum, but don’t be fooled – the entire first floor is a waste of time. The truly captivating exhibits are on the second floor, as an afterthought. France apparently still isn’t ready to deal with the realities of the Deportations of WWII.

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