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http://www.latimes.com/news/nationworld/nation/wire/sns-religion-survey,0,7375137.story I want to take this survey, mainly out of curiosity as to how a lifelong atheist, with absolutely no exposure to the Bible beyond the scenes depicted in the museums I so love, would fare. Given the first few questions mentioned in this article, I’m well on the way to 100%. So why would […]

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Thoughts From Glenn on Church Plan to Burn Koran | Breaking news and opinion on The Blaze

http://www.theblaze.com/blog/2010/09/06/thoughts-from-glenn-on-church-plan-to-burn-koran/ Glenn Beck jaw-droppingly provides a voice of reason on the Qu’ran burning event in Florida. I’d praise him for this, but as he helped fan the all-too-literal flames on the World Trade Centre “Mosque”, it feels more like a shepherd who’s losing control of his flock of zealots. Robespierre much, Glenn? Let us rise […]

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John Hagee – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Hagee I’m tired of seeing this fat, hate-spewing idiot on the TV. Isn’t it about time for revelations to surface of his dalliance with hookers? Preferably of the gay-male-and-meth kind?

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http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20100615/ap_on_re_us/us_lightning_strikes_jesus_statue A six-story-tall statue of Jesus Christ with his arms raised along a highway was struck by lightning in a thunderstorm Monday night and burned to the ground, police said. The best part? Insurance claims don’t cover acts of God. (I take it back – the best part was SU tagging this as “atheist-agnostic”.)

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Dailymotion – The Intelligence² Debate – Stephen Fry (Unedited) – a Film &TV video

http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xbvr0m_the-intelligence%C2%B2-debate-stephen-fr_shortfilms Stephen Fry, if you’ll pardon the pun, goes biblical on Ann Widdicombe’s pro-Catholic arguments at the Intelligence2 debates. Fry’s great gift here is to break down the church’s mealy-mouthed (or sometimes foul-mouthed) policies and show them for the hateful dogmas they really are. Thanks, Frannyy, for the forward.

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http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20091017/ap_on_re_us/us_interracial_rebuff;_ylt=AsXJMRouCNtzsaoU0NnR2QNH2ocA;_ylu=X3oDMTE1Zzdsa3Y0BHBvcwM0BHNlYwN5bi1jaGFubmVsBHNsawNtYW5zaGFsdG9maW4- You can love him or hate him (though hatred seems an irrational reaction), but <i>this</i>; is the main reason Barack Obama is a good thing for America: <i>Louisiana's governor and a U.S. senator joined Friday in calling for the ouster of a local official who refused to marry an interracial couple, saying his actions clearly […]

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Evolutionary Psychology – Torontoist

http://torontoist.com/2009/10/evolutionary_psychology.php Richard Dawkins is the Michael Moore of the evolution argument: He’s entirely in the right, but such a smug asshole with such a childish attitude that he makes me cringe. Taking an approach that is as alienating and dogmatic as any religious doctrine is not going to win him new followers; it’s just going […]

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Pat Robertson – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pat_Robertson The flipside of Walter Cronkite is Pat Robertson. I had to look him up because I couldn’t remember if he was the annoying televangelist who’d died while I was newsless in Europe. (Sadly, no – it was the equally offensive Jerry Falwell.) Instead of a national treasure, Robertson’s a national disgrace, and avuncular only […]

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http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20090610/ap_on_re_us/us_holocaust_museum_shooting_42 Proving that age does not provide wisdom, an 88-year old neo-Nazi killed a Holocaust Museum guard. One of the quotes from the article stood out: Ashley Camp, 14, of Forsyth, Ill., on a field trip with more than 40 other students, said she heard two or three gunshots. Soon after, she recalled, a security […]

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http://www.google.com/hostednews/ap/article/ALeqM5ieHZRubAS3lyjn2GBiCPkXkHrXwwD97QROAG0 The outbreak of swine flu should be renamed “Mexican” influenza in deference to Muslim and Jewish sensitivities over pork, said an Israeli health official Monday. This may well be the first time in its history that Israel has shown any concern for “Muslim sensibilities”. Shame their apparent breakthrough comes at the cost of offending […]

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