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http://bestyoulike.com/?p=493 Beauty in the belly of the beast: A very skilled and innovative artist makes fabulous pieces out of castoff car and bike tires. Finally, a use for these environmental nightmares.

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http://img299.imageshack.us/img299/5694/thinkerkisstx9.gif (Shamelessly stolen from FreeThinkah)

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Amazing Sculptures built with Cans of Food

http://www.tanmonkey.com/fun/canstruction/can.php Truth be told, this is one of the weakest photos in the canned-food sculpture gallery, but I couldn’t resist the wit involved in their replacing Fay Wray with Aunt Jemima.

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“Human Candles”

http://mocoloco.com/art/archives/001714.php I love these surreal “human candles.” Unfortunately, they remind me a bit too much of a Snoopy candle a friend had, which, when burned, hollowed out Snoopy’s skull as though he’d been head-shot. That was creepy; these just look graceful.

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Rodins The Kiss

http://www.lewes.net/rodin/rodin.html There’s a run on Stumbling this simple Rodin picture, but damned if I’ll be left out! The next time you find yourself in Paris, I highly (highly, highly!) recommend visiting the Muse Rodin. Not having much experience with Rodin, I went because it was free (yes, I’m exactly that kind of person) and was […]

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