Rodins The Kiss

There’s a run on Stumbling this simple Rodin picture, but damned if I’ll be left out!

The next time you find yourself in Paris, I highly (highly, highly!) recommend visiting the Muse Rodin. Not having much experience with Rodin, I went because it was free (yes, I’m exactly that kind of person) and was blown away by the beauty of the place. In my not-so-humble-and-extremely-experienced opinion, this is the best museum in Europe. Unlike the overpacked Vatican or the misanthropically-designed Louvre, the MR showcases manageable amounts of fantastic sculptures, carvings and bronzes in Rodin’s old, beautiful house and garden. What’s more, there’s a room devoted to his equally talented (but troubled) mistress Camille Claudel, which holds a mirror to the work her boyfriend was producing in the same period. And lastly, my favourite exhibit; one of the first movies of the era, taken of Rodin at work, chipping madly away at a block of marble. Not understanding the concept of motion picture, he stops occasionally to “pose” for the filmmaker. How endearing!

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