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The Rosetta Stone

http://www.citrinitas.com/history_of_viscom/images/alphabet/rosetta.html A representation of a very famous history-defining artifact. No explanation offered, and none needed. (Well, not here, anyway.)

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Creative photos by Chema Madoz | haha.nu – the lifestyle blogzine

http://haha.nu/creative/creative-photos-by-chema-madoz Fantastic photos that use simplicity to set up some terrifically witty punchlines. The artist is Chema Madoz, and his website is sadly nowhere near as immediately gratifying (not to mention user friendly) as this basic list of his work.

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What Netflix Could Teach Hollywood – New York Times

http://www.nytimes.com/2006/06/07/technology/07leonhardt.html?ei=5087 A short, yet edifying, piece on Netflix. This stunning statistic gives me hope that the studios’ business model will flounder long before they pull their heads from their DRM-holes: Out of the 60,000 titles in Netflix’s inventory, I ask, how many do you think are rented at least once on a typical day? The […]

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