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Washington and Lee University – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Washington_and_Lee_University Lexington, Virginia, is one of my favourite cities in the US, due in large part to its history. Home to two of the most famous Confederate generals (Jackson post bellum, Lee ante), it’s also home to the Virginia Military Institute, and Washington & Lee College. As denoted by its name, W&L was presided over […]

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William & Mary – News & Events

http://www.wm.edu/news/index.php?id=3650 Jon Stewart got an honorary doctorate for his work as a funny, funny man: “I’m sure my fellow doctoral graduates, who have spent so long toiling in academia, sinking into debt, sacrificing God knows how many years of what, in truth, is a piece of parchment that in truth has been so devalued by […]

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