Wow. I’m not used to seeing diatribes like this in American newspapers. Having said that, I’m *quite* familiar with them from Canadian, British and European news sources. Let’s hope this is a sign that the American press is finding its feet, even if this is only an op-ed: “I’m tired of the irrational fear of people who worry they’ll be a victim of terrorism. Life is a crapshoot every day. You could be hit by a bus or a tsunami. You could develop cancer or pneumonia.

The Sept. 11 attacks killed 2,819 people – fewer than the number of people killed in boating accidents each year. Instead of supporting every measure that purports to stop terrorism, demand better health care, safer vehicles and more scientific research.

I’m tired of the ridiculous notion that every place in America is a target. They’re coming to Tallahassee because the president’s brother lives here. They’re going to bomb the Super Bowl because it’s America’s big game. They’re going to gas a YMCA in Topeka because it’s an American institution in the American heartland.

Everything in America is American. Everything can’t be a target.”

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