One Mother in Crawford – New York Times

This lady (a friend of Stumbler Ameripie, if I’m not mistaken) is gaining a lot of ink for her efforts, and more power to her. The crux of the Iraq problem is not that the US is there – that’s a done deal now – but WHY they are there. Too few citizens are being asked to make the link between resource usage and the invasion. On a recent roadtrip to the midwest, my sis and I were saddened to see “Support the Troops” on virtually every SUV and minivan that we passed. Why is the irony of this lost on the people who were driving them? “President Bush has refused to ask the nation to sacrifice in any way, so the sacrifice gap has never been greater. A few families, like Ms. Sheehan’s, have paid the ultimate price. Many more, including National Guard families, are bearing enormous burdens, struggling to get by while a parent, a child or a spouse serves in Iraq. But the rest of the nation is spending its tax cuts and guzzling gas as if there were no war.”

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