I Ought To Be Drawing


Cute LiveJournal written by the girlfriend of Drew Weing, whose Journal Comic was my all time favourite web comic: “In other news, I wrote an appalling paper for my psychology class featuring such gems as “A lot of my work has to do with eating, because it’s a subject that I find is highly emotional to people.” Although I gagged in shame as I turned in this turd, my teacher thought it was great! She’s making copies to show future classes, gave me extra credit, and now gives me pitying glances and says things like “How you must have struggled.” Tip for students: make your teachers think you are mentally unstable, and that you have had a very hard life. They will totally love you for it! I got an upset stomach today and Drew was very anxious for me to take a nap. he is often anxious for me to take naps. I don’t know if it’s because he thinks that if I take naps I won’t yell at him when he takes naps (untrue- my hypocrisy is boundless) or because he likes me better asleep then awake. “

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