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http://www.behance.net/Gallery/Strange-and-creepy/231948 Attempting to be the Gashlycrumb Tinies, but lacks both the wit and the artistic talent thereof. Which is to say, there’s not much to make a visit worthwhile.

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Cabanon Press: Gallery

http://www.cabanonpress.com/Gallery/gallery20-Noisy.htm Sent to me by Frannyy. This onomatopoeic alphabet is a delight.

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ratcreature: how to draw female comic characters (according to Wizard)…

http://ratcreature.livejournal.com/175099.html A thumbs-up here for the comments on, not the content in, these pages. A LiveJournalist has posted scans from a helpful feature (sic) in a comic book, advising fans of the underwear perverts on how to draw their figures. The men – as is the wont of the comic book industry – are all […]

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http://www.younggalleryphoto.com/photography/brandt/brandt.html Beautiful, poetic photographs of African animals. Lots of great shots here.

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Drawn! will be right back…

http://www.drawn.ca/ I didn’t expect much from this Stumble, especially given the weak first entries, but I was pleasantly surprised. Some excellent links and examples of artists that you otherwise would have been unknown to me.

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Oleo – Sam Cooke Cupid Lyrics

http://www.oleo.tv/lyrics/sam-cooke/cupid/ I’m working on a little project for which I am amassing a library of song lyrics, so I know my way around the Internet’s lyric sites by now. I thought I’d take a chance with a new one tonight, and boy howdy is this not getting added to my bookmarks. Sam Cooke, in particular, […]

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I Ought To Be Drawing

http://www.livejournal.com/users/squinkyelo?skip=20 Cute LiveJournal written by the girlfriend of Drew Weing, whose Journal Comic was my all time favourite web comic: “In other news, I wrote an appalling paper for my psychology class featuring such gems as “A lot of my work has to do with eating, because it’s a subject that I find is highly […]

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A gallery of walls with stuff written on

http://www.picturesofwalls.com/ Not as tightly edited as PostSecret, but there are a lot of similar feelings inspired for me, as well as a few intake-of-breath entries, like this one.

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Drawing Of Your Whole Life

http://www.davidshrigley.com/draw_htmpgs/blank_page/1_drawing_of_your_life.html K, I’m officially OBSESSED now.

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