ratcreature: how to draw female comic characters (according to Wizard)…


A thumbs-up here for the comments on, not the content in, these pages. A LiveJournalist has posted scans from a helpful feature (sic) in a comic book, advising fans of the underwear perverts on how to draw their figures. The men – as is the wont of the comic book industry – are all massively muscled eunuchs, while the women – as is also the wont of the comic book industry, as well as many, many other industries – are all lithe, massively chested, pose-striking, threadbare babes. If you can make it through the scans without your stomach churning to a particularly uncomfortable degree, you’ll find salvation in the responses of a particularly ballsy (sic) set of female comic book fans. Their responses to the artists’ comments are terrific.

Michael Turner keeps on saying “subtle.” I don’t think that word means what he thinks it means.

I love that the the chapter on “Super-heroic” women includes how to draw hair.

When the college president came to my office, we looked at the Hush Heroes poster I have on my wall, comparing Nightwing’s stance to Huntress’s. For fun, we tried to stand the way she’s standing. Neither of us could do it.

It’s a known fact no-one needs to learn to draw females with expression. Different shades of lipstick are perfectly fine to tell us what mood they’re in.

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