An Anchor Who Reports Disaster News With a Heart on His Sleeve – New York Times

I gots me a lil’ crush on Anderson Cooper (oooh, premature grey, ooooh!), and his mad-as-hell-not-going-to-take-it-anymore outburst on live TV has been one of the highlights of the recent American press reawakening. Good stuff:

As for his emotional moments: “It’s absolutely not true; it’s lies, lies, spread by that conservative or liberal agenda, whatever it is,” Mr. Cooper quipped, before conceding: “I have been tearing up on this story more than any story I’ve worked on. I can’t really explain why that is.” He has tried not to do it on camera, he said, because “who wants to see that?” But, he added: “It’s hard not to be moved. The fact that it is in the United States, for me, added a layer and dimension to the story.”

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