Making Roberts Talk – New York Times

John Tierney suggests some El Al inspired questions for the Roberts confirmation hearings. I present my favourites:

The only hope for Democrats is to try the tactics used by interrogation pros like Israeli airport screeners and U.S. customs agents. These experts know that a smart criminal will have rehearsed a cover story for, say, what he was doing in London and why he’s going to New York.

But if he’s asked something unexpected – how he liked the London weather, whether he’s planning to visit Times Square – he has to change mental gears. He’s apt to exhibit telltale signs of a liar under stress, like gazing upward and to his right as he answers…

Would it be a violation of Lois Lane’s so-called right to privacy if Superman used his X-ray vision to look through her clothes?

Would you think it’s cool if a professional wrestler dubbed himself Chief Justice, or would you sue him for trademark infringement?

During the announcement of your nomination at the White House, your son distracted the president with an impromptu dance. When you got home that night, what happened to him?

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