This one only just scrapes a thumbs-up, as the majority of the humour derives from North England/South England mockery (which is only of interest to those in North England/South England, BTW, for those of you in North England/South England who like to make North England/South England jokes and references) This last bit is pretty funny though…

The economy of Liverpool is driven entirely by theft and robbery. The city doesn’t actually produce anything of its own design, but not that it needs to. The city originally began life as a port, where pirates, smugglers and other maritime criminals learnt their trade.

As the city grew into the modern industrial thievery powerhouse it became today, it was necessary for town planners to develop training centres so that people could learn how to steal and rob more efficiently. Major learning centres for theft include St. John’s Market, The Catholic Church, Jaguar Cars, and of course National Rail services. All of which provide the young thief with everything they need to carry on life efficiently within the city.

The main products of Liverpool are hubcaps, thus the phrase, “I’m going to Liverpool to visit my hubcaps.”

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