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A rather eye opening article about sex in the English home front during WWII.

Sex was an affirmation of life amid so much destruction. Averil shared this view. “We had no fear,” she says now. “Young people don’t fear death.” Chloe Bowering, who was then 21, says: “People thought, ‘To hell with it,’ threw off their clothes and went to bed with each other as a gesture to life rather than death.” Across England, in forest glades, air-raid shelters and phone boxes, young girls lost their virginity to GIs. The Americans were intrigued by British women’s propensity for what the GIs called “wall jobs” or “knee tremblers”. They may not have known that many of their conquests were so untutored in the facts of life that they believed they couldn’t get pregnant if they had sex standing up.

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