She Will Have Her Way – The Songs of Tim &Neil Finn Various Artists – Music CD – ABC Shop

Stumbled across this the other day, which was a nice surprise. I think Crowded House flew under a lot of radars, which is a shame – well-written pop is a rare commodity. Now, here’s a collection of Antipodean songstresses giving their take on the Neil Finn catalog. I’m not so sure I like the “subtle lyrical twists,” as most seem to be along then lines of she-becomes-he or are omitted entirely, but there are a handful of winners between these covers.

With so many of these songs addressing male/female dynamics, it’s fascinating to hear them rendered by women, who bring their own interpretations and subtle lyrical twists to bear on a broad mix of the brothers’ songs. With all of the participating artists choosing songs that resonated personally for them, it is an album that celebrates to complexity, diversity and longevity of the Finns and their songs.

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