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I’ve been reading up on hockey history, mainly about now-defunct clubs. Following a link in the Whalers’ Wikipedia entry brought me to the Brass Bonanza – “one of the most distinctive, if maddening, bits of music in NHL history” – which is new to me but apparently very, very old to many others. (Surprising, since its other title is “The Hartford Whalers Victory March.”) It’s another in the long line of quirky old team traditions (Torontonians and Montralais, cf organ music) that quickly are being replaced by off-the-shelf sameness (Torontonians and Montralais, cf blaring classic rock and t-shirt cannons…)

“During the second season the team was in Hartford (1975-1976), I began to notice that there was something missing in the atmosphere in the building. We needed something, like a theme song, to add to the excitement when a goal was scored. But coming up with the right song was a different matter,” he said. “I had the record at home for a couple of weeks,” Ducharme said, “but never played it. Then, one Sunday, we had company over and one of the guests played the record for fun. When I heard the song I knew immediately it was perfect for us.” He used it as a “bridge” on a 1976 Whalers highlights LP – the song became a hit, and stuck with the team from then on.

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