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The Hockey Handshake

The Kings and Devils are about due for a handshake lineup. Good luck to both of them! (But more good luck to the Kings – heh heh.) It’s no secret hockey is a chippy, rough and tumble sport but everyone checks their egos at the door during the handshake, wipes the slate clean and says […]

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Why do finance ministers wear new shoes to deliver a budget?

http://www.canada.com/ottawacitizen/news/story.html?id=f6f40dca-eb18-4dbc-8a1a-9c33e7b383ce&k=87499 Canada’s set for the presentation of a new national budget. It promises to be both painful and divisive, so I’m trying to concentrate on the trivia around it. Canadian Finance ministers have a tradition of buying new shoes before a budget. Every pre-budget news report involves following the current minister to the mall to […]

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The Sneeze – Half zine. Half blog. Half not good with fractions.

http://www.thesneeze.com/mt-archives/000715.php This is a terrific little piece by The Sneeze blog. For years, the writer’s father has had a signature doodle that appears on cakes, cards, etc. The writer decides to interview his father about it, and the result is a sweet, funny trip down the father’s memory lane.

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The Locks of love in Florence | Flickr – Photo Sharing!

http://www-us.flickr.com/photos/liberoliber/54263054/in/pool-w-o-w/ Not only is this Florentine habit incredibly sweet, it also prevents erstwhile lovers from defacing the town’s ancient buildings. Two thumbs up (and a lock into the Arno)!

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Billy Connolly – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Billy_Connolly Ah’m off(sky) tae see the Big Yin the night wi’ ma fambly. This has become somewhat of a tradition. My mother loves reminding me of the show they attended when she was 8 and a half months pregnant with me, and went into a false labour from laughing. All of this laughter is in […]

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Legend of the Octopus – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Legend_of_the_Octopus More hockey lore, this time illuminating the Detroit practice of throwing octopi on the ice during playoff runs. (And as usual, PETA has to step in and break up the fun.) Since 1952, because the tossing of octopuses is generally viewed as a successful symbol of good luck, the practice has persisted each year; […]

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Stanley Cup – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stanley_Cup Without a doubt the most attractive and photogenic of professional sport’s trophies, the Stanley Cup. Tracing the evolution of The Cup from gift to de facto property of the NHL is interesting, but the real fun starts with the Anecdotes and Misadventures section…

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Hartford Whalers – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brass_Bonanza I’ve been reading up on hockey history, mainly about now-defunct clubs. Following a link in the Whalers’ Wikipedia entry brought me to the Brass Bonanza – “one of the most distinctive, if maddening, bits of music in NHL history” – which is new to me but apparently very, very old to many others. (Surprising, […]

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