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More hockey lore, this time illuminating the Detroit practice of throwing octopi on the ice during playoff runs. (And as usual, PETA has to step in and break up the fun.)

Since 1952, because the tossing of octopuses is generally viewed as a successful symbol of good luck, the practice has persisted each year; in one 1995 game, fans threw 36 octopuses, including a 30-pounder[1]. The Red Wings mascot is a purple octopus named Al, and during playoff runs two of these mascots are also hung from the rafters of the Joe Louis Arena, symbolising the 16 wins now needed to win the Stanley Cup.

In recent years, however, animal rights groups, such as PETA, have objected to the activity, claiming that “flinging an octopus is no more acceptable than hurling kittens and puppies.”

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