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I thought I’d Stumbled this ages ago, but apparently not – time to right the wrong. For those not in the know, the McKenzie Brothers are two of the most recognizable symbols of Canadiana by being two of the biggest stereotypes of the “average” Canuck. And their invention, ironically, came as a result of the CBC requesting a CanCon addition to a TV show.

The Great White North” (originally known as “Kanadian Korner”) was a panel show that played upon Canadian stereotypes. Bob and Doug, two dumb beer-swilling brothers wearing heavy winter clothing and tuques, would comment on various elements of Canadian life and culture, frequently employing the interjection “Eh?” and derisively calling each other a “hoser.” Among the topics discussed were snow routes, the Canadian-built robot arm on the Space Shuttle, and “why there aren’t enough parking spaces at take-out donut shops.”

The sketch was conceived when SCTV moved to the CBC television network. Each episode to be broadcast on that network was two minutes longer than those syndicated to the United States. The CBC network heads asked the show’s producers to add specifically and identifiably Canadian content for those two minutes. Rick Moranis and Dave Thomas thought that this was a ridiculous request, since the show had been taped in Canada, with a mostly Canadian cast and crew, for two years. The request inspired them to create a parody that would incorporate every aspect of the humorous stereotype of Canadians.

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