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Op-Ed Contributors – Our True North – The NYTimes put together some thoughts on Canada from famous Canucks now resident in the US (though that last part is understood in the “famous Canucks”). Malcolm Gladwell comes up with what I think is the funniest, and most Canadian: In history class, in seventh grade (or as we like to say in Canada, […]

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(Untitled) A cruise ship carrying 300 passengers that became lodged in thick ice in the St. Lawrence River for more than 30 hours was freed Tuesday with the help of an ice breaking vessel, officials said… “We’re free now, but it was a lot of fun while it lasted,” said cruise ship passenger James Gray, […]

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(Untitled) The story, of course, is much more informative (well, slightly more informative), but I got a kick out of this: Canada PM to Obama: Focus on financial system I’m imagining a rather petulant Stephen Harper (this is not hard to do) buzzkilling a jubiliant, celebratory, soon-to-be President. If ever there was a time for […]

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Paul Martin visits Canadian Tire with Rick Mercer I’ve been explaining Canadian politics to RodneyHarrington, and found a 5 minute piece that beautifully (if quietly) illustrates more political cynicism, journalistic access, and tough questioning than the US media has displayed for decades. (True, it’s courtesy of our top satirist, but that fact just sums up our peculiar mindset.) Rick Mercer pumps the […]

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This page is available to GlobePlus subscribers Elephants wandering the streets of Newmarket. How come stuff like this never happens when I’m in Toronto? Suzy and Bunny, weighing in at more than 7,000 kilograms combined, managed to escape from the confines of their Garden Brothers Circus pen around 3 a.m. yesterday, after the circus set up shop at the Ray Twinney […]

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Longtime Toronto DJ Majhor dies – Arts & Entertainment – CBC News John Majhor, a fixture on Toronto radio and television for nearly two decades, has died at the age of 53. John Majhor hosted Toronto Rocks, which may or may not have been Toronto’s first TV show devoted solely to music videos. I know for a fact that it was where I first saw such […]

Posted in Canada | Tagged , , , , | Comments closed SU Forum: Canada I’m grudgingly unsubscribing myself from the Canada discussion groups. While I like the thought of keeping up to date with national topics, the groups have been overrun by the tinfoil hat crowd. Browsing through these forums, you’d think our entire country was populated by people who believe the government is engaged in a multitude […]

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(Untitled) A man arrested on espionage charges is an elite Russian spy who had been collecting intelligence on Canada for more than a decade, Canadian authorities said in court documents released Tuesday. They’re catching Russian spies here left, right and centre, though I’m not sure exactly what they’re investigating. If Russia seriously considers Canada a […]

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Buttons & Spacing Store I may have Stumbled this ages ago, but these buttons are so crazily creative that they warrant another look. One of Toronto’s (which is a sort of shibboleth for identifying visitors; it’s “Trawna” to the locals) local artsy types came up with a set of buttons based on the look of each subway station.

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(Untitled) The U.S. government has moved a step closer to tightening its borders by announcing a contract for a high-tech detection system to nab people trying to enter the country illegally. The Department of Homeland Security announced Thursday that Boeing, best known for making airplanes, has been picked to install sensors along parts of the […]

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