Longtime Toronto DJ Majhor dies – Arts & Entertainment – CBC News


John Majhor, a fixture on Toronto radio and television for nearly two decades, has died at the age of 53.

John Majhor hosted Toronto Rocks, which may or may not have been Toronto’s first TV show devoted solely to music videos. I know for a fact that it was where I first saw such a thing, and many of the videos he played are indelibly inked in my memory.

I grew up in a neighbourhood where all the kids were either five years older than me, or five years younger. Luckily, the older crowd didn’t mind me sitting in while they played their music, discussed their movies and idly flipped through their copies of Tiger or Teen Beat. Thinking about them for the first time in decades, I can distinctly remember the looks of every rec room and basement of every family in the area. And when I think of them, the image on the TV is of jean-jacketed, shades-wearin’ John Majhor, tacky neon “Toronto Rocks” sign behind him, introducing the next video.

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