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I found the news of John Majhor’s death on the Wikipedia “recent deaths” page. Some other familiar names appear, but this one was new to me. What a shame, as this is the kind of individual who should be celebrated in recognition.

Larry Stewart was an American philanthropist from Kansas City better known as “Kansas City’s Secret Santa”. After poor beginnings, Stewart had – from 1979 through 2006 – made a practice of anonymously handing out small amounts of cash, typically in the form of hundred dollar bills, to needy people. The total amount he gave away is estimated to be 1.3 million dollars.

He made his fortune through cable television and long distance calling. Stewart successfully kept his identity hidden until 2006, when he was diagnosed with esophageal cancer, which would later claim his life. He chose at that time to reveal his identity as part of an effort to encourage others to practice philanthropy.

Tiger Woods, with your 155 foot yacht, eat your heart out.

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