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They’ll get their chance after a dramatic Broad Street breakup Sunday that saw Clarke surprisingly resign in his second stint as GM and Hitchcock fired only a month after signing a new deal with the Flyers 1-6-1 and with the fewest points in the NHL.

“I deeply regret not being able to bring the Stanley Cup here,” said Clarke, long the face of the Flyers. “I didn’t deliver.”

Boy, there’s a world-class understatement. The woeful Flyers are six years too late in salvaging their franchise from the spectre of Bobby Clarke, and the sad thing is they let him make the decision to leave, instead of firing him as they long should have. It’s interesting to see those great statesmen of the game (think Beliveau, Dryden and Orr) uphold their legacies by making limited appearances for good causes, while attention-happy schmucks (think Domi, Clarke and a whole host of others) shill themselves silly – not that silly is much of a reach for them.

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