Christine Lavin

Christine Lavin was revealed to me when I went looking for the song “Katie,” by Tom Paxton – an equally witty lyricist. The song I came up with is “Katy Says Today is the Best Day of Her Whole Entire Life,” which appears to be classic Lavin – incredibly cute, funny, and heartbreaking all in one. Other stellar tracks are “Harrison Ford” – in which the author encounters a long-time crush and discovers the extent of his telepathic powers; “Doris and Edwin, The Movie”, which features the ultimate (literally) cute meet; and “Good Thing He Can’t Read My Mind,” which is sadly familiar, and yet hilarious. Her performances are terrific, and feature a rider-enforced space at the stagefront for a knitting circle. She doesn’t appear in Canada much, from what I can tell, but she’s good enough that I might consider a roadtrip at some point.

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