The White House and Sen. John Kerry traded their harshest accusations since the 2004 presidential race on Tuesday, with
President Bush accusing the Democrat of troop-bashing and Kerry calling the president’s men hacks who are “willing to lie.”

The war of words, tough even for this hard-fought campaign season, came after Kerry told a group of California students on Monday that those unable to navigate the country’s education system “get stuck in Iraq.”

John Kerry has finally grown a pair, but as with everything this guy does, it comes at the wrong place and the wrong time. He’s right not to apologise for his comments on the botched US occupation of Iraq – there are few vocal blunders that could possibly compare with the military one Bush committed – but I don’t like his implication that the dumb kids are all destined for the military. After all, the John Kerry mystique, as spun to the public during the 2004 election, was of an educated kid who volunteered for Vietnam. I’m sure there are more than a fair share of undereducated kids in the service, but blaming their poor options entirely on the education system overlooks the variety of other social ills that plague low-income Americans. But then, I should really stop trying to look for shades of gray in an American electoral issue. The voters to whom all these idiots appeal aren’t generally any smarter than the kids who are the subjects of the debate, which is why the voting machines will pronounce yet another Republican Congress. Proving that every generation gets the government it deserves.

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