I don’t know that his star was ever particularly in the ascendant – a minority government isn’t exactly a triumphal showing – but I’ll take my good news where I can get it. It’s interesting to see some of this government’s decisions all laid out in bullet points, giving the impression of a Republican-sympathising faction in Canada. The support Harper still retains in Alberta proves that this impression is true, and when the inevitable split happens, Albertans are welcome to leave the United States of Canada in order to link up with their more natural allies in Jesusland to the South…

Harper, a dour and wonky evangelical Christian, still remains popular in parts of western Canada. Many conservative ranchers and oilmen praise his virtual abandonment of the Kyoto Protocol to cut greenhouse gases, his pledge to reconsider Washington’s continental missile shield, and his intent to revisit the Liberal law that legalized same-sex marriage nationwide last year…

Many Quebecois, in particular the large Lebanese-Canadian community, were furious when Harper sided with Washington in July in support of Israel’s initial attacks against Hezbollah guerrillas in Lebanon, saying the Jewish state had a right to defend itself.

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