Legends of Hockey – A Legendary Induction Weekend


A warning to all non-Canadian Stumblers or Americans who don’t follow hockey: All the raving that follows will be completely indecipherable to you.

I’m still recovering from Monday, in which I had a terrific bit of luck cross my path. A hockey-mad coworker with terrific connections had wangled two tickets (worth $350 each) to the Hockey Hall of Fame induction ceremony, but found himself so swamped with work that he gave them away to the first responder. Turns out, the first responder was me (woot!) I invited my dad to come with me to the gala (a mistake, as it was open bar; my 61 year old dad turned into a tipsy, gabbling autograph hound, and I discovered mortification is a migraine trigger) Apart from dad-sitting, it was a terrific night of free food and drink, and hobnobbing with some of the game’s greats. I espied the grand old gentleman, Jean B

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