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What a bunch of non-white non-british left-wing students who have not yet delt with the outside world full of ethnics taking over our way of life and limiting our Crist given right to Freedom-or-Speech Our White Tounges Shall Not Be Silenced!!! This is our country now kindly piss off back to where-ever or whatever it is or hole in hell you ethnics have come from and GET UP OF WHITE ONLY GREAT BRITAIN!!! 🙂

As taken from the StumbleBog (sic) of OFlahertyMichael, who definitely gets today’s vote of Most Confused Stumbler. He’s an Anarchist BNP supporter (there’s the first sign of trouble) who lists “Asian Girls” in amongst his likes (while actively trolling for a “white British Protestant girlfriend”), and who – despite clear signs to the contrary – claims to have a graduate degree.

Seriously, fellow Stumblers – do none of you actually read a blog’s content before awarding it a thumbs-up?

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