the Lucksmiths

Last Luckies video of the day – I promise (mainly because there’s slim pickings on YouTube!)

This is an interesting one, though, showcasing the entire band (except for Louis, but he’s relatively new anyway) in a great venue, with a song (“Great Lengths”) whose “punchline” only revealed itself to me when seen live.

It’s also noteworthy for the fact that you can see me understanding the punchline, which is a surprise for me. Luckily, it’s too dark to see me – I would never have linked to a video of me if I were visible – but for what it’s worth, I’m the incredibly happy dark blob in the dark, next to the bald guy. The fidgety, lighter-coloured blob to my left is my sister, who accompanied me on my first Luckies roadtrip as a favour, but came back a convert (this was Luckies Roadtrip #2). The Luckies tend to do that to people…

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