The Teleprompter President has haltingly delivered another State of the Union, but this time he’s had some pushback from the majority Dems. They’ve promised to play hardball, and I’m hoping they live up to their tone. Webb’s speech sounds like a barnburner – I’ll see if it shows up on YouTube.

For the record, my favourite cynical line from this story is as follows, speaking about Michael J. Fox and a quadriplegic Senator, who were watching in the gallery:

Both men have health problems that some scientists believe might someday be cured or treated by embryonic stem cell research. Bush last year vetoed a bill that would have allowed taxpayer money to speed up those studies, arguing that public funds should not be spent on research that destroys budding human life.

Bush would rather spend public funds on a war that destroys budding human life. (See an earlier posting on what a trillion dollars isn’t buying US taxpayers.)

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