Canadian news is already becoming saturated with the Robert Pickton murder trial, and it’s only a few days into what they expect will be a full year of horrific revelations. As is always the case with serial killers, the more gruesome the allegations, the more press coverage the killer receives; I hate that the media positively loves to focus on the inhumanity, almost lustily explaining all the details, whether or not one wants to hear them. I shudder to think at what the next year will bring.

I’m glad to have found this site, though, which gives a brief glimpse at the lives of the women Pickton murdered. To the news, they’re drug-addled prostitutes; pieces of meat whose terrible deaths will help sell papers. To the families, they’re missing loved ones. I’d prefer to think of them that way too.

She was a mother of two beautiful children. She was a sister and an aunt, as well as a great-aunt and a friend.

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