300 – Movies – Review – New York Times


Considering I barely made it through the trailer, it’s no surprise that A.O. Scott’s review of 300 feels like revenge for spending 2+ hours of dreck-watching. As usual, though, he vents his frustration in a tremendously fun way. Is it wrong for me to wish more horrible films on him, so that I might enjoy the experience after it’s been filtered through his wit?

Devotees of the pectoral, deltoid and other fine muscle groups will find much to savor as King Leonidas (Gerard Butler) leads 300 prime Spartan porterhouses into battle against Persian forces commanded by Xerxes (Rodrigo Santoro), a decadent self-proclaimed deity who wants, as all good movie villains do, to rule the world.

The Persians, pioneers in the art of facial piercing, have vastly greater numbers – including ninjas, dervishes, elephants, a charging rhino and an angry bald giant – but the Spartans clearly have superior health clubs and electrolysis facilities.

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