Restaurants in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia – Travel – New York Times

Here’s a timely article on Ethiopian food; I had my first such meal last night, prepared by a thoughtful friend who knows my tolerance for heat and spice lies only slightly above black pepper. Injera, cumin/lentil hummus and – shock of healthy shocks – braised kale are now three of my favourite dishes. All three combined, though, was magic!

And at the heart of every Ethiopian meal is injera. Basically a pancake – or more accurately, a really, really big pancake – injera is made from tef, a sour-wheat-like grain that is mixed with cool water and a pinch of yeast. But unlike a pancake, it isn’t flipped over, so the topside remains spongy, the better to sop up the vegetables and meat in the saucelike wat (sometimes spelled wot or wett) that is ladled on top. In a country where utensils are scarce, injera is not only your dinner plate, it-s also your knife, fork, spoon and sometimes napkin.

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