7-11 is rebranding a handful of its stores as a tie-in with the upcoming Simpsons movie.

If all goes as planned, the convenience store chain plans to refit 11 stores across the U.S. — Richmond is an unlikely choice — to resemble the front of the Kwik-E-Mart, the convenience store that Homer and other characters frequent in the classic cartoon TV series.

Customers also will be able to buy products inspired by the nearly two-decades-old show, including KrustyO’s cereal, Buzz Cola and iced Squishees (the cup says Squishee, but the contents will be Slurpee).

This refit shouldn’t take too long: Prices are already outrageous, and there’s no shortage of bandaged hot dogs for sale… Rebranding yourself in the image of a Better Business Bureau case study? Add this to the list of “not fully thought out plans”.

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