BBC NEWS | Technology | Users warned on Windows cursors

Animated cursors could prove risky for Windows users, Microsoft has warned.

The software giant is investigating reports that the way Windows handles alternatives to the traditional arrow cursor can leave PCs open to attack.

By booby-trapping a website or e-mail attachment with code that exploits the flaw, malicious hackers could hijack a Windows PC.

I’ve been a Mac user since my family bought its first computer. In 14 years, I’ve never experienced a single computer virus. I’ve never had my email application unwittingly spam my address book. Spyware isn’t a concern at all. I don’t need to scan my disk at any point to see if something insidious has installed itself without my knowing it. And I have never, never, been afraid that my cursor would leave me open to hackers.

I resent the consistent slams against Apple users for being arrogant. Incredulous, yes, but not arrogant.

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