The Cool Hunter – Architecture

This is the nearly-completed extension to Toronto’s Royal Ontario Museum. For years, the ROM has been a relatively static collection in a big neo-fortress, and so the announced expansion put the people who like staid and boxy into paroxysms. I, for one, loved it from the first, though I admit to being disappointed that the initial plan of an all glass “explosion” had to be reworked to steel, owing to excessive weight. From these photos, the work is nearing completion. I wonder how long after the opening it’ll take for people to come ’round to it, as they did the Louvre’s pyramids, the Guggenheim in New York and virtually every other controversial architectural structure in the art world? (Note: Everyone seems to love the Gehry AGO building too, but if I could firebomb a building in Toronto, it’d be that. A modern piece for the staid and boxy set, if ever I saw one.)

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