Darren Hanlon – Elbows (Dir. Natalie van den Dungen)


So after seven LONG years, I finally got to see my pal Darren Hanlon back up onstage tonight, and as with the first time I saw him, he was fabulous. Just to make things even awesomer (yes, awesomer – deal with it), I got to spend the evening with him and his equally fabulous friends, during which we contributed a small fortune to the trivia machine and were threatened with stabbing by one of Glasgow’s most upstanding (or should that be fallingdowning?) young citizens. Awesomest, though, was getting to hear “Elbows”, my fave song off Dazza’s superb latest album, dedicated to me. (Granted, I think Daz fudged truths a bit when he claimed I’d travelled furthest for the gig – it may sound like I’d come from Toronto, but really, it was just Renfrew.) I was going to post the dark and grainy video I took at the club, but instead I’ll just link directly to the official video, so the song’s utter fabulousness can be best appreciated.

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