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Fabutante-X has quickly managed what I’ve been unable to accomplish all week – get myself psyched up for the next leg of my trip. While Glasgow has nearly sucked the life out of me, all it takes is one glimpse of the Piazza del Popolo to get me whistling while I pack. For the uninitiated, Rome is awesome for several reasons, but almost all of them, for me, are represented in this photo.

It’s taken from my favourite junction in Rome – in 1998 I stayed near the Vatican, and would daily walk the Via Cola di Rienzo to the Piazza, before heading down the Via de Corso (seen here on the left). The dome of St Peter’s is visible in the background, tempting me with its grand architecture and anti-Louvre of a museum. And not pictured, except in my mind, is the little church directly behind the screen of trees on the right, which is awesome in and of itself, but made awesomer by the fact that it has, not one, but TWO Caravaggios in it.

Five minutes ago, three days for organisation seemed too little. Now, I can’t wait to get started!

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