You Must Remember This – New York Times

2007’s underreported news stories. William Falk publishes a piece that simultaneously informs, scolds, and makes you chuckle.

It was a year of miraculous events. President Bush invited Al Gore to the Oval Office for a friendly chat about global warming. France elected a president who likes and admires Americans. Eliot Spitzer discovered the virtue of humility. In mid-rant, Hugo Chavez was finally told to shut up. The cute little Canadian dollar – the “loonie” – became worth more than a greenback.

People rooted for Kevin Federline to get the kids. After electing 43 consecutive white male presidents, Americans seriously considered a woman, a black man and an Italian-American from New York on his third marriage.

Amid such strange occurrences, one could be excused for missing news of more subtle – but lasting – importance. Here are a few developments you haven’t heard the last of…

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